Metallic nanoparticles: Food safety and Aquaculture

July 15th 2021 at 12:00 h (Spanish Time)
Conclusions of the webinar:

The webinar has been a success attracting international speakers and attendees for such a specific topic as concerns regarding metallic nanoparticles and foodstuffs.

Topics covered included how to treat samples in the laboratory (different methodologies), the use of analytical techniques (such as sc-ICP-Ms), analysis and extraction of NPs in cells, the effect of silver nanoparticles and titanium dioxide, etc.

The organization would like to thank the invited speakers, Dr. Chiara Copat, Dr. Heidi Goenaga Infante and Dr. José L. Luque-García as well as the rest of the participants.

Our three invited speakers and Dr. Antonio Moreda (member of Acuinano Project)

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